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Holiday Spirit Week!

Presley Sours, News Editor

As the semester is ending, students are stressing out about quarter exams and the imposing finals coming up; having a way to outlet that stress and have some fun is a must. That is where spirit week comes in. Students and staff can let go of some of that building tension and express themselves, all the while getting in the holiday spirit. Spirit week is a whole week filled with fun, holiday-themed attire where kids and teachers can show off their school and holiday spirit. Whether it is wearing an ugly sweater, expressing their nerd side or being decked out in New Year’s Eve gear, PCHS always enjoys spirit week.

This year student council selected the five spirit week days as followed:

Monday: Nerd Day

Tuesday: Holiday Characters

Wednesday: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Thursday: New Year’s Eve Day

Friday: Candy Cane Friday

On Monday, students and staff came to school clad in suspenders, high waters, pigtailed-hairdos, and big glasses. Many students had fun bringing out their nerd side! Dressing up as holiday characters was a blast on Tuesday! You could see many elves, reindeers, and even Santa Claus’ walking the halls. Wednesday’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Day had the most participation with kids breaking out the old sweaters of holidays’ past. Reindeer, snowflakes or wreaths prints were displayed on the sweaters of PCHS students and staff. New Year’s Day consisted of sparkles, sequins, and party hats. Everybody looked ready to celebrate a new year, and have a blast. Finally, on the last day, red and white clothes filled the halls with it being Candy Cane Day. Overall, it was a very successful spirit week and everyone enjoyed it. We hope net year is just as great!

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